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Starfinder Accessories

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This article covers the first-part Starfinder Accessories subscription line. For the Ninja Division-licensed miniatures line, see Starfinder Miniatures.

Starfinder Accessories is a subscription line of player and GM aids by Paizo Inc. for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.


Paizo's Starfinder Flip-Mat product line consists of large folding erasable maps with one-inch square or hexagonal grids compatible with Starfinder Pawns and other standard miniatures products. Flip-mats are also available as downloadable PDFs.



Paizo's Starfinder line of pawns provides sets of heavy chipboard paper pawns printed with officially licensed Starfinder artwork. These pawns provide an alternative to miniature figurines for representing characters and creatures in the Starfinder Roleplaying Game and other similar roleplaying games. Pawns come in sizes ranging from small to huge, and each slots into plastic bases included with the box or available separately. Pawn sets are also available as downloadable PDFs.

Most of the pawn collections correspond with the contents of Starfinder Roleplaying Game hardcovers or Starfinder Adventure Paths.


Cover Title Release Date Related Product
Base Assortment Base Assortment 20170817 August 17, 2017
Starfinder Core Pawn Collection Core Pawn Collection 20170817 August 17, 2017 Core Rulebook
Alien Archive Pawn Box Alien Archive Pawn Box 20171122 November 22, 2017 Alien Archive


The Starfinder line of cards provides decks of cards supporting the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. While sharing a format with playing cards, Starfinder Cards are designed to be used as gameplay aids and don't include standalone game rules.