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World Verces
Region Obarshi
Population 786,000
Demographics 55% verthani, 15% shirren, 10% human, 5% kasatha, 5% ysoki, 1% ryphorian, 9% other
Government Council (Grand Assembly-appointed coalition)
Alignment Neutral

Source: Starfinder Pact Worlds, pg(s). 66

Skydock is the largest spaceport of Verces, a geosynchronous space station located above the nation of Obarshi near the equator in the Ring of Nations.[1]


Skydock was established long before the Gap. Transporting goods between it and the surface via the space elevator connecting them made spaceflight viable for the verthani long before any other race achieved it. Although surface launches are now much easier than in the past, Skydock remains the most prominent shipyard of Verces.[1]

This strategic importance of Skydock has its drawbacks, and in recent years there have been several terrorist attacks against the elevator cable, with one very nearly successful, conducted by the so-called Ring Saints who claim that this deed is for the good of all Verces.[2]


Skydock stays in a fixed position above Verces, tethered to the equator by an immense space elevator. Most Vercite shipbuilding companies as well as the Vercite navy manufacture their ships in Skydock. The space station is a popular hub for ship crews on leave, and its entertainment districts are always busy.[1]


Although it lies in the airspace of Obarshi, Skydock is directly administered by the Ring of Nations itself. This has created resentments among both citizens of Obarshi and residents of Skydock itself, who want self-rule.[1]