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From StarfinderWiki
Type Ooze
CR 13
Environment Any (Dominion of the Black starships)

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 112
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Shipminds are oozes engineered by the Dominion of the Black to pilot their partially organic starships.[1]


Shipminds are oozes made from a thick yellow liquid charged with toxic alien psychic energy. They need to exist within a specifically designed, half-organic container which serves as the shipmind's 'skin'; outside this container, their body starts to dissolve.[1]


A shipmind is bound to its ship, connected to all of its systems via organic cables, oversees its health, can observe everywhere within the ship, and has control over every aspect of its function. Shipminds can live for as long as their assigned ship does. They are cruel even to fellow members of the Dominion of the Black, and sometimes behave in an inexplicable way.[1]

After a Dominion ship lands, it rots into filth and the shipmind dies in a decade. Before that, it might leave the ship or spend its remaining lifespan to toy with other creatures.[1]


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