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Sepres VI

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Sepres VI
Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 3-3/4 years
Day length (PST) 32 hours
System Sepres system
Inhabitants Derendenol

Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 50

Sepres VI is the sixth planet in the Sepres system that orbits a pair of binary stars. A lush world, it is the only one in its 16-planet system that sustains life. Its native intelligent inhabitants, the seprevois, have lived in exile on space stations orbiting their homeworld for millennia after an artificial disaster.[1]


60% of Sepres VI's surface is land, which mostly consists of temperate grasslands and tropical and subtropical forests. Despite the passage of hundreds of years after the seprevois abandoned the planet, many of their cities remain with their streets and buildings intact. A forest might have originated as a seprevoi botanical garden or nature preserve, while sprawling towers crumbled and became what appears to be oddly-shaped mountain ranges.[1]


At its height, seprevoi society covered the entire planet. Thousands of years ago, during a conflict, the derendenol virus was released. Originally engineered to target nothing but seprevois, this virus forced them to flee into space and take refuge in space stations orbiting it. Seprevoi legends tell that they were punished for poisoning the world and could not safely return.[1]


Outside of the barren poles, the entirety of Sepres VI teems with life. Creatures as diverse as fast-growing colonies of psychic bacteria and social, mercury-blooded cetaceans inhabit its seas, while the deadly derendenol virus continues to contaminate its atmosphere. Ruins of former military and scientific facilities, such as Fort Neirox, are home to foul creatures as aberrations, mutants and virulent micro-organisms.[1]