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Sentient robotic organism

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Sentient robotic organism
Type Construct
CR By class level
Adjective SRO

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 213

Sentient robotic organisms, usually abbreviated SROs, are an advanced form of robots that, like androids, possess mortal souls.[1]


SROs do not have a unified appearance, and might either be humanoid or have a design purely to assist in their primary functions.[1]


Due to their extremely complex internal circuits and positronic brains, SROs attract a soul and develop true artificial intelligence and free will. They heal naturally over time like living creatures, and benefit from magic or technology that can bring constructs back from the dead, as well as effects that normally can't.[1]

SROs can eat and drink, although this is optional. They must recharge their batteries by entering an off-line mode that is similar to sleep for 8 hours every day. SROs do not breathe or suffer the normal environmental effects of being in a vacuum.[1]


SROs are most common on Aballon, where they are a separate race from the native anacites. In the Pact Worlds and many other regions, SROs enjoy the same legal protections as androids. However, since SROs look less humanoid than androids, these protections are less respected by living creatures with a bias against things that resemble mindless machines.[1]