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Scoured Stars

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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Season 1
Scoured Stars system
The Scoured Stars trinary system.
Type Trinary star system
Images of Scoured Stars

Source: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, pg(s). 43-44

The Scoured Stars is a trinary star system located in the Vast, known to contain planets with vicious fauna and other dangerous inhabitants. It is currently cut off from all travel, divination, and mundane scanning by a shifting veil of aurum energy known as the Godshield.[1][2]


The Scoured Stars consists of three stars revolving around a common barycentre:


The Scoured Stars were the original home of eight civilisations living under the protection of their patron deity Kadrical, who used all of his power to maintain the Godshield and isolate the Scoured Stars from the rest of the universe, despite his worshippers' pleas to be allowed to explore the galaxy. At one point during the Gap, the shield faltered, and the residents of the Scoured Stars wasted no time in building starships to escape. The eight civilisations went their separate ways, each settling in a distant place in the Vast. Kadrical wanted them to return, so he sent them eight magical artifacts known as Tears, one per civilisation, to serve as their beacon and key back home.[2][4][5]

The Starfinder Society decided over a century ago to prohibit exploration of the region both because of its obvious dangers and because the few missions that scouted the systems yielded few to no useful discoveries. This changed when First Seeker Jadnura discovered a Tear on Kukanou-2b and spearheaded a massive expedition, composed of nearly 80% of the Society's assets and agents, into the Scoured Stars to explore its connection to the Tear. Upon their arrival, the members of the expedition found themselves trapped by the Godshield, which cut their contact with the outside world, while also beset by numerous threats that greatly thinned their numbers.[1][5][2]

The Society's expedition was noticed by the jinsuls, one of the eight civilisations that originally left the Scoured Stars. The following year, the jinsuls set out to build a large fleet to return to their ancestral homeland in a sacred pilgrimage and reclaimed it, in the process coming into conflict with the Society, as Jadnura's successor as First Seeker Luwazi Elsebo led another mission to the Scoured Stars to successfully rescue the trapped Starfinders.[2][6]


Among the eight civilisations native to the Scoured Stars who left it, the following are known: