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Scintillatrix is a small bubble in the Burning Archipelago. It is notable for having a population consisting mostly of followers of Desna instead of Sarenrae.[1]


Scintillatrix is connected to Corona and Fireside. Faint chimes ring all day and soft lights project constellations upon its interior, reminding that the sun is also a star among many. This makes for a calming, soothing sight, and lashuntas who visit Scintillatrix report a temporary reprieve from sensations of doom, which never lasts long, even if they stay for an extended time in Scintillatrix.[1][2]


Scintillatrix is operated by Desnan priests, who note that the sun, being a star, also falls under Desna's portfolio in addition to Sarenrae's. While the Archipelago Senate was initially concerned about potential sectarian violence, the two faiths have engaged in spirited, friendly debates on which astronomical object their patrons should have purview over. Scintillatrix offers regular tours, which come with a guided lecture about the constellations projected inside. These tours are free, but it is customary to donate several credits to the church.[1][2]


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