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Saaruq 5

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Saaruq 5
Type Planet
Diameter 1/2x
Mass 1/2x
Gravity 1/2x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 482 days
Day length (PST) 36 hours
Orbits Saaruq
System Saaruq-Ruaan system
Inhabitants Kreiholm Freehold

Source: Honorbound Emissaries, pg(s). 3

Saaruq 5 is the outermost habitable planet in the Saaruq-Ruaan system, a binary system located in the Vast. It is the homeworld of the syngnathrixes and the adopted home of the Kreiholm Freehold, a confederacy of species originally from the Scoured Stars.[1]


Saaruq 5 is a lush tropical planet with massive bodies of water. The duration of a day varies, but usually lasts 36 hours from first sunrise to second sunset, among which there are 12 hours of twilight.[1]


Centuries ago, the Kreiholm Freehold, one of the eight groups of aliens that departed the Scoured Stars, arrived in Saaruq 5 and settled there, and were joined by the native syngnathrixes. They have since then spread across five planets, but keep a peaceful, isolationist policy.[1]

In 318 AG, Saaruq 5 fell under attack from the jinsuls, one of the alien groups that left the Scoured Stars alongside the Kreiholm Freehold, who seek to conquer their old neighbours under their rule.[1]


The syngnathrixes are the original natives of Saaruq 5. After the arrival of the Kreiholm Freehold, they joined the federation, and today the planet are inhabited by a diverse number of species, most notably syngnathrixes (46%), nelentus (39%), thyrs (2%), among others.[1]