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World Liavara
Population 54,000
Demographics 35% human, 30% barathu, 8% ysoki, 6% android, 2% lashunta, 1% haan, 1% sarcesian, 1% vesk, 16% other
Government Autocracy
Alignment Lawful neutral
Ruler Confluence

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 114

Roselight is a gas mining platform located in the atmosphere of Liavara.[1]


Roselight is a platform of steel and polycarbon capped with transparent aluminium domes floating in the atmosphere of Liavara. These domes catch the light filtering through the gas giant's clouds, causing the city to shimmer like peach-coloured bubbles. Due to the tight restrictions, everything in Roselight must be recycled.[1]


All commerces on Liavara are overseen by the Office of Commercial Interests on Roselight. It is supposed to issue permits that give access to Liavara's resources and punish lawbreaking companies, but its barathu staff are highly corrupt and are suspected to hire out contractors for illegal mining operations.[1]

The Liavaran headquarters of the Stewards, the Xenowardens (called the Rose Garden) and the Starfinder Society (the Dreamer Lodge) are all located on Liavara. The Stewards are ready to be deployed anywhere on Liavara or its moons at a moment's notice, while the Xenowardens support the planet's protectorate status and oppose gas-mining companies that threaten the environment. The Aspis Consortium also maintains an office in Roselight, called Silver Drake. They claim to help police against illegal mining operations, but their office is believed to be just a cover for their own clandestine activities.[1]


The miners who make their home in Roselight are a diverse lot. As social restrictions are almost non-existent and no species holds a majority of the population, life in the city is rather rough-and-tumble but surprisingly equitable, if a bit lawless and lacking in high culture.[2]