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A rifti.
Type Outsider
(chaotic, extraplanar, protean, shapechanger)
CR 1
Environment Any (Maelstrom)
Images of riftis

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). 61

Riftis are tiny, short-lived proteans created from entropic energy released into the Maelstrom via planar travel.[1]


In its default form, a rifti looks like a four-armed serpent, but their shape changes constantly and uncontrollably.[1]


A rifti chorus is born from energies released by planar travel, like when plane shift or a faulty interplanar portal is used. Due to their shields, Drift engines are blocked from releasing such energy when entering or exiting the Drift, but this might not be the case anymore if the engine is damaged. Riftis live for mere days, popping like a bubble when their natural lifespan ends.[1]

Riftis born at the same time live in groups. They revel in chaos, often making illusions, noises and spell effects to make their surroundings more colourful. Their personality is equally unstable: riftis can do anything and change their mind at any moment, and it is impossible to reason with them for long.[1]