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Class Light freighter
Manufacturer Vanguard Craftworks
Armament Linked coilguns
Gyrolaser x2
Light plasma cannon
Power Core Pulse Green
Drift Engine Signal Booster
Tier 5
Crew 9
Affiliation Azlanti Star Empire

Source: The Rune Drive Gambit, pg(s). Inside Covers

The Regnant is a luxury starship manufactured by Vanguard Craftworks, designed for one single owner. The quarters of both the owner and the crew alike are opulent, lavish and come with numerous amenities. The Regnant comes stock with an imperial shrine for the owner to pay homage to ancestors, and due to its modular layout, it can be fitted with luxury entertainment and relaxation suites as well as weapons, armour and shields. Like all Azlanti Star Empire vessels, the Regnant is equipped with an autodestruct system.[1]


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