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Prophecies of Kalistrade

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Prophecies of Kalistrade
Type Religious / Philosophical
Leader Luwin Carel Dynasi
Alignment Lawful neutral
Headquarters Kelldor Memorial Center for Personal Enrichment, Arl, Akiton
Goals Amassing personal wealth
Scope Pact Worlds system
Members Merchants

Source: The Forever Reliquary, pg(s). 49
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The Prophecies of Kalistrade are a pre-Gap philosophy of wealth-gathering and material success, derived from visions had by the ancient mystic Kalistrade Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki., who espoused the accumulation of wealth over all else as a necessary preparation for some untold future event, which ends with the Kalistocrats owning the known galaxy. Followers dress only in white garments, hold to strict sexual and dietary rules, and protect themselves from making any physical contact with non-adherents.[1][2]


The Kelldor Memorial Center for Personal Enrichment, named after the pre-Gap High Prophet Kelldor Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki., serves as the public front of the Prophecies of Kalistrade–the association between the two is an open secret. The Center advertises itself as a nonprofit organisation dedicated to educating the public on fiscal responsibility, offering personal financial counselling and communal classes. As members develop their business acumen, they gain access to higher ranks of membership that demand higher fees in exchange for advanced classes and prestige. Once one reaches the tenth of sixteen membership tiers (where most people have invested too much to risk losing their station), financial lessons are replaced by lifestyle sermons.[1]

Among the hundreds of thousands who annually flock to the Kelldor Memorial Center, only a handful ever manage to spend the millions of credits needed to reach the highest rank of Kalistocrat, at which point High Prophet Luwin Carel Dynasi, founder of the Center, reveals to them the true nature of the Prophecies of Kalistrade and invites them to join him as a fellow Kalistocrat. Acceptance marks the end of a Kalistocrat's promotions, but they continue to pursue wealth for the rest of their lives. Many of Akiton's most successful businessmen are Kalistocrats, who dress richly and strut about the Kelldor Memorial Center, giving recruits an eyeful of their future affluence.[1]