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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 200 days
Day length (PST) 17 hours
Inhabitants Scyphozoans

Source: The Thirteenth Gate, pg(s). 48

Primoria is a planet in the Vast, where vertebrates never evolved and their ecological niches are fulfilled by plants, fungi and invertebrates.[1]


Primoria has three major climate zones: frigid, temperate and tropical. The supercontinent Eukarya makes up 78% of Primoria's landmass and spans all climate zones; the rest are spread out between three island continents: Laurentia, a huge tropical island 1500 miles off Eukarya's west coast; Velluria, a temperate islnd 1200 miles off Eukarya's east coast; and Cyrontia, the coldest place in Primoria, lying 1200 miles south of Eukarya.[1]

Primoria has two moons: blood-red Acryllae and steel-grey Mandarth, which are responsible for regular significant tides. Under the Ordocan Ocean lie the extensive, oxygen-filled Caves of Siluri, where entire ecosystems live isolated from the rest of the world.[1]


There are no vertebrates in Primoria. In the coldest regions, organisms like frost worms live in subterranean caves or under the ice cover. In the temperate zone, giant mobile fungi graze on moss meadows, and bear-sized cockroaches creep. The tropical zone is inhabited by such creatures as tree ferns, flesh-eating giant worms and predatory tiger-like trilobites.[1]

Primoria is home to two intelligent species: the amphibious cnidarian scyphozoans and the fungal mycelars. Traditionally enemies, they signed a peace treaty around a century ago.[1]