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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Mildly toxic
Year length (PST) 6 years
Day length (PST) 4 days
Satellites Fandarra's Eye, Minderhal's Eye, Thremyr's Eye
Inhabitants Giants

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 98

Pholskar is a volatile, inhospitable planet, home to several species of giants.[1]


Pholskar is tectonically very active, resulting in a volatile geography, frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and the constant release of toxic gases into the atmosphere. Breathing these gases is irritating to most humanoids, and in a few places, the atmosphere is acidic enough to kill creatures and corrode objects. The native giants are usually stout enough to tolerate most locales, but still need protection in the most toxic ones.[1]

Pholskar is orbited by three moons: Fandarra's Eye, Minderhal's Eye and Thremyr's Eye.[1]


The cloud giants of the Cloud Imperium watch over their cousins from their flying cities and consider themselves rulers of Pholskar. However, their claims are usually only exerted over easily-managed territories; some isolated giant clans are considered to be citizens without even knowing of the Cloud Imperium's existence.[1]


Stone giants make up a plurality of Pholskar's population and inhabit the most stable regions. Some live nomadic, pastoral lives across the plains of Rodhir; others inhabit advanced cities like Anduwar that serve as spaceports and commercial centres. In the volcanic Crucible, fire and slag giants operate massive mining rigs to harvest the rich minerals. Isolationist storm giants inhabit the sky city of Agrishall at the eye of a perpetual storm over the Mnevid Ocean. Moon giants live in sublunar bases under the surface of Pholskar's three moons, their inscrutable purpose unknown to their surface cousins.[1]