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Pegasus (starship)

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A Pegasus.
Class Explorer
Armament Laser cannon, coilgun, particle beam, laser net, plasma torpedo launcher, EMP cannon, missile launcher, plasma cannon[1]
Power Core Pulse Green, Pulse Red, Pulse Blue, Pulse Orange, or Pulse Prismatic[1]
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Crew 4-7
Affiliation Starfinder Society
Cargo 25-ton capacity
Images of Pegasuses

Source: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide, pg(s). 40-42

The Pegasus line of starships is frequently deployed by the Starfinder Society. It emphasizes speed and supportive options over combat power. Its sensors and expansion bays are superior to those of the Drake, the other type of ship often employed by the Society, making it more versatile for missions where support is more important than raw firepower.[2]

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