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Patrol-class security robot
A patrol-class security robot.
Type Construct
CR 4
Environment Any urban

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 94

The Patrol-class is a relatively common model of security robots, often called patrol bots, resembling a six-foot-tall humanoid with integrated weapons.[1]


Prominent models of patrol bots include: the four-armed Idaran Peacekeeper, the artistic Castrovelian Linewalker, and AbadarCorp's Town Guard, a sleek white robot with a torus-shaped head, functional hands, shoulder-mounted weapons and foldable arms. The Town Guard is the most by far popular model, and is officially employed by Absalom Station's government: many Town Guards are sent straight into service after being manufactured.[1]


In addition to weapon mounts and their ability to wield weapons, security robots can emit arcs of electricity and contain self-repairing nanites that they can share with other constructs.[1]


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