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A paralith
Type Aberration
CR 4
Environment Any forest or jungle
Images of paraliths

Source: Escape from the Prison Moon, pg(s). 59

Paraliths are a race of mysterious humanoid-like alien aberrations.[1]


The paralith is shaped like a hulking humanoid with broad claws and a thick blue hide. Its neck is short, its head is horselike and its only facial feature is a mouth filled with large blunt teeth. Force fields interfere with a paralith's perception.[1]


Paraliths' preferred habitat is jungles, where they live in aggressive packs around ruins. They sometimes enter cities and don't understand social mores, but rarely stir trouble beyond that. Paraliths reproduce by budding, have no biological sex, and mature a few days after birth. The claws of a paralith infect targets with ultraviolet light for 24 hours.[1]

The Paralithi language is difficult, confusing and has not yet been reproduced. When communicated via magical means, paraliths punctuate their sentences with enigmatic, seemingly random strings of numbers.[1]