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Type Humanoid
CR By class level
Environment Any (Vesk-6)
Adjective pahtra

Source: Alien Archive 2, pg(s). 94

Pahtras are a species of feline humanoids native to the planet officially designated Vesk-6, which they call Pulonis. They are one of the most prominent species within the Veskarium.[1]


Pahtras are lean with elongated bodies and limbs. Their fur ranges from tawny brown to black and grey, and their eye colour ranges across the entire visible spectrum. Traditionally, a pahtra's facial pattern indicates their character and potential, and adolescents are assigned specific social roles after having their face read by a mystic, although this process is disappearing, especially among pahtras who have left Vesk-6.[1] Pahtras measure more than 6 feet tall and weigh from 140 to 190 pounds.[2]


When the vesk first landed on Pulonis, the disparate, technologically-inferior pahtra nations stood no chance against the vesk's advanced weapons, starships and interplanetary empire. Nevertheless, their warrior traditions, local knowledge and morale made the conquest long and difficult, and earned them respect from the vesk. Many small communities were destroyed by the vesk; others formed coalitions and nations that all ultimately signed treaties with the Veskarium.[1]


When pahtras reach the age of 15, they are sent into the jungle in groups of a dozen each, and face both natural threats and their peers in a weeks-long survival challenge that claims a few lives every year. The pahtra's performance determines the future trajectory of their social standing.[1]

Pahtras often form lifelong, loving relationships with one partner, but cherish individualism over everything, and strive to differentiate themselves from their siblings from a young age. They are suspicious of conformism, like what their vesk overlords demand of them. They can be distrustful of strangers, and are protective toward friends.[1]

Pahtras see music and battle as the greatest careers, and define other activities by how they relate to these two. They employ music for both entertainment as well as coordination and intimidation in battle. They naturally have perfect pitch, use arias, ballads and musicals to tell stories of their heroes, and play bass and percussion music to bolster battlefield morale.[1]

All pahtra nations have accepted vesk rule and regulations in exchange for keeping their own say on local matters. Only Command 6, the capital of Vesk-6, is ruled entirely by vesk; other regions of the planet are overseen by a consul who work with local pahtra governments. Most consuls are retired vesk officers, with the remaining few being pahtras. Although unquestionably part of the Veskarium now, the pahtras continue to uphold their traditions to keep themselves different from the vesk. A few groups seek to punish the vesk or even reclaim their homeworld for themselves, but are only met with ire from Veskarium peacekeepers. Instead, most pahtras who refuse vesk rule move to the Pact Worlds to seek new opportunities.[1]


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