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Pact Worlds system

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The Pact Worlds system.

Pact Worlds system
Titles Golarion System
Type solar system
Satellites Sun, Aballon, Castrovel, Absalom Station, Akiton, Verces, Idari, Diaspora, Eox, Triaxus, Liavara, Bretheda, Apostae, Aucturn
Organization Pact Worlds

Source: Core Rulebook
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This article covers the solar system. For the governmental entity, see Pact Worlds.

The Pact Worlds system (also known as the Golarion system) refers to the solar system that formerly contained the forgotten planet Golarion, and whose current planets comprise the interplanetary organization known as the Pact Worlds. It contains one star, 10 planets, two prominent space stations, and an asteroid belt.[1][2]


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A structure on the planet Eox.

Planets in the Pact Worlds system, in order from nearest to furthest from the sun:

Former planets

  • Golarion, between Castrovel and Akiton in the orbit now occupied by Absalom Station. Golarion disappeared during the mysterious period of blank history known as the Gap.[2][1][3]
  • Damiar and Iovo, the planets that formed the asteroid belt called the Diaspora, between Verces and Eox.[5]

Space stations and other permanent superstructures