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Type Planet
Diameter 1-1/2x
Mass 2-1/4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 675 days
Day length (PST) 30 hours
Inhabitants Osharus

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 94

Pabaq is a planet covered in university-cities built by the native osharus.[1]


Pabaq orbits a bright yellow star. Most of its land surface is covered in greenery and divided into six continents: Zhast, the westernmost continent; Demwiq, a mostly-unexplored desert; Nalfant and Avar, the sparsely-populated northern and southern ice caps; Rawara, which contains rolling plains, taigas and the tallest mountain range; and Jenikar, a verdant, rainy, populous continent whose trees can reach 300 feet into the sky.[1]


The Grand Council is the highest position of power, held by six elected osharus. They are permanently wired into a complex computer network in the Hall of Records at the centre of Jhavom, the planetary capital on the continent of Jenikar.[2]


The osharus are Pabaq's only native intelligent species. Despite their cautious nature, they have tamed the wilds and built thousands of university settlements across the planet, all in the name of knowledge. These cities, most of which are located next to Pabaq's bodies of water, are defended by armies of constructs both manually- and AI-controlled, which prefer non-lethal methods, tranquilising dangerous creatures and depositing them in the wilds far away, but are perfectly capable of killing if necessary.[1]

Outside of the heavily-defended cities, the wilds of Pabaq remain dangerous, with long and harsh summers and winters, frequent storms and numerous monsters, so osharus rarely leave their settlements. Most notorious among these predators are the ganatra, who stalk the jungles of Jenikar and camouflage themselves so they are almost invisible to prey.[1]