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Type Planet
Adjective Orrian
Diameter 1/2x
Mass 1/4x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Thin
Year length (PST) 2 year
Day length (PST) 28 hours
Inhabitants Phentomites

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 467

Orry is a shattered planet inhabited by the phentomites, descendants of a technologically and magically advanced society.[1]


Orry encompasses 10 massive landmasses and several dozen smaller formations that orbit the gravitic anomaly at the former core of the planet; some take a full Pact Standard year to traverse a full orbit. They never collide and their bottom side always faces the anomaly, which also keeps the atmosphere intact, but thin. Due to their slow orbit, it's possible for elite acrobats, known as bridgers, to swing from landmass to landmass and fashion temporary rope-and-wood bridges to facilitate trade between them. However, journeys through such bridges are still incredibly dangerous and can take months to complete, as the largest, slowest landmasses only approach each other for a short time each year. A traveller that slips will find only death when they plummet into the gravitational anomaly. Roads of an unknown material crisscross Orry's landmasses, remnants of its advanced past.[1][2]

Because of the gravitational anomaly, landing starships on Orry is extremely dangerous. Offworld vessels are only allowed to land in a phentomite-designated area outside of Zisfahani, the largest city on the planet; further travel must be done on foot with the help of phentomite bridgers.[2]


Orry was a technomagical utopia un its golden age until a spaceflight research project went awry, created the gravitic anomaly at the planet's core and put an end to that thousands of years ago. Orry's crust shattered, vast chunks of landmass was thrown into space and many inhabitants were killed, but enough unscathed land and air remained for the shattered planet to remain inhabitable. As the time passed, the native phentomites forgot their technology and magic, reverting to a primitive agrarian society.[1]

Orry was recently discovered by the Pact Worlds, and AbadarCorp has constructed the small space station Harmony-One orbiting it.[2]