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Titles The Crucible
Type Planet
Diameter 2x
Mass 3/2x
Gravity Specialx
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 5 years
Day length (PST) 2.5 days

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 466

Orikolai is a torus-shaped planet reportedly created for astrophysical and ecological studies.[1]


The surface gravity on Orikolai is irregular, strongest along the equator (where it is equivalent to the standard surface gravity) and weakest along the hub and rim. It orbits its star at an angle and experiences extreme summers and winters. Orikolai is tectonically active, with hubward plates converging and rim-bound ones diverging. A moon-like body floats within the planet's ring.[1]


Orikolai is suspected to have been built by mysterious long-gone scientists who also seeded it with life. The moon within its ring might have once served as their control centre. However, the artificial stabilisation that keeps Orikolai as a torus has been decaying, and in centuries it's predicted that the world will collapse inward.[1]


The suspected creators of Orikolai have disappeared without a trace, except for the rare ruins in the secluded areas of the planet. All efforts to colonise Orikolai have been met with little success.[1]

The wildlife of Orikolai have adapted to their world's unstable climate and gravity. Herds of hashukayaks and high-flying hub geese migrate across the planet throughout the year to follow sunlight and food. Others hibernate through winters, and yet others, like frujais, can adjust to a range of gravities.[1]