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Oras's holy symbol.
Titles Agent of Change
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Portfolio Adaptation
Natural selection
Worshipers Biotechnicians, scientists, Augmented, Xenowardens, Bretheda, Castrovel, Liavara
Connections Geneturge
Symbol Double helix
Images of Oras

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 488

Oras, the Agent of Change, is a deity of evolution who transcended its rudimentary beginnings to embody the natural forces of genetic development and adaptation.[1]

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Oras teaches that evolution occurs due to pressures, external or from within, to adapt to an ever-changing universe. As such, worshipers of Oras believe existence is best experienced in a constant state of individual change in all forms, from physical to spiritual, as well as through constant exploration.[1]

In the Pact Worlds

Barathu of Bretheda and Liavara favor Oras due to their traditional practices of consciously controlling and reshaping their physical forms.[1]