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From StarfinderWiki
Type Vermin
CR 1
Environment Any underground or urban

Source: Escape from the Prison Moon, pg(s). 58

Odheos are a species of slimy, ten-legged, long-tongued parasitic vermin. Native to Gjor III, they have since spread via starships and are considered a massive pest wherever they infest.[1]


An odheo possesses ten chitinous legs and gripping feet which allow it to climb on almost every surface, and a long tongue which it uses to feed.[1]


Odheos evolved from an arboreal ancestor that attached themselves to passing creatures with their tongue. They have been unwittingly carried across the galaxy by careless couriers and merchants who didn't follow proper biocontainment procedures. They prefer artificial habitats, limiting the damage they could done to foreign natural ecosystems.[1]

Odheos are bold creatures, openly jabbing at bigger creatures with their tongue and quickly hiding before they could retaliate; they only close it to bite helpless or dead creatures. They breed rapidly and prefer to build their filthy nests in cramped artificial environments like vents and engineering tunnels. Only a few odheos remain in their lair at any given time, while the rest hunt. When killed, an odheo explodes into rancid blood and slime. If a nest is destroyed, any survivors, whether they were present for the destruction or not, will instinctively hide and hibernate, and hibernating odheos can live 3 months with no food or water.[1]