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Type Aberration
Environment Vacuum

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 84
(Living starship)
Class Aberration
Armament Tentacles,
Particle beam,
Heavy laser cannons (3)
Power Core Novaspawn heart
Tier 8

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 84

Novaspawn are gigantic worm-like creatures that live in outer space and serve as the larval form of stars.[1]


A novaspawn is made of silicon and steellike flesh. The gigantic tentacles dangling from its head are powerful enough to grab a starship and hold it in place. Heat dispersal vents are located on the novaspawn's back. Its crystalline protrusions can convert internal electrical currents into blasts of energy, and it also generates its own protective shields.[1]


Novaspawn feed on cosmic radiation and can live for so long that even young novaspawn are older than many civilisations. They are usually docile and their reactions to outside stimuli incomprehensible, but fight back ferociously if attacked first.[1]

Near the end of its life cycle, a novaspawn undergoes a process called solar parturition to become a star. Ill or evil-influenced novaspawn might do this dangerously near a space station or inhabited planet; the process isn't instant but rarely leaves enough time to evacuate the entire population before the new star comes into existence and burns them to ashes, forcing adventurers to enter the novaspawn's body via its heat dispersal vents, turn its heart off and kill it so it won't explode.[1]


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