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A niaq in snowy pursuit.
Type Magical beast
CR 6
Environment Any cold (Verces)
Images of niaqs

Source: The Penumbra Protocol, pg(s). 57

Niaqs, nicknamed sippers, are a species of pterosaur-like predators native to the cold Darkside of Verces. They are the source of niaqui, an illegal drug highly sought after by criminals.[1]


A niaq resembles a white pterosaur whose black-blooded veins are visible across its body. It has no eyes, and 'sees' prey with a mane of cilia on its head that are capable of sensing heat. Its mouth is a tight cylinder of long, hollow quills, and its wings can launch similar, shorter quills.[1]


The quills of a niaq infect prey with its hallucingenic virus symbiotes, which produce the niaqui drug. The prey, dazed by the virus, become living niaqui factories and are carried by the niaq to its lair, usually a cave, where it keeps the prey alive but helpless to sip its niaqui-laced blood and enjoy the euphoria induced by the drug.[1]