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New Thespera

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New Thespera
Diameter 2/3x
Mass 1/3x
Gravity 3/4x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 1-1/3 years
Day length (PST) 18-1/2 hours
System Aristia system
Inhabitants Azlanti humans
Organization Azlanti Star Empire

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 463

New Thespera is the third planet orbiting the star Aristia in the Vast and the capital world of the Azlanti Star Empire government. It is home to the Aeon Throne, seat of the Star Imperator, who leads the Star Empire.[1][2]

It is home to cities that showcase Azlanti arts, culture, and education, as well as the spoils of their aggressive expansion and oppression of nearby worlds, races, and star systems.[1]


New Thespera is a terrestrial planet with mild weather, six large, verdant continents, an emerald-green ocean called the New Arcadian Ocean, a dozen large seas, permafrost at each pole, and ample natural resources. The most prized pieces of real estate on New Thespera are located on Curchane, the largest continent, and Urgulan, the smallest one and cradle of the Azlanti Star Empire. The small southern continent of Ahkome is the only landmass with significant volcanic activity. The Star Empire considers New Thespera the true home of humanity and has tried to keep it pristine, despite millennia of development.[2]


New Thespera was first settled millennia before the Gap by human colonists who came through portals via Azlant Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki., the first great human empire of Golarion. Just after a few months, the portals failed, stranding the pioneers on New Thespera and rendering their home forever inaccessible. However, their leader Eronestria was determined to see her colony thrive in New Thespera and declared the foundation of the Azlanti Star Empire, with herself as the first imperator. With their advanced magic and technology, the Azlanti settled across New Thespera and established a new bastion of Azlanti civilisation.[3]


New Thespera is home to a billion human citizens and nearly two billion non-human second-class citizens and slaves. To avoid squalor, the Star Empire decrees a strict limit of non-Azlanti inhabitants, which is enforced by forced relocation and more severe methods.[2]

The largest city on New Thespera is Eronesse, located on Urgulan, which has served as the Azlanti Star Empire's capital since its foundation. Curchane is divided into smaller cities, farms, ranches, factory towns and nature reserves. Most arciduxes own ancestral lands here, though they're usually directly administered by trusted advisors or cousins. Owning at least a manor on Curchane or an apartment on Urgulan is necessary to rise to Azlanti high society; land on the other continents is less valuable but still more so than on other planets.[2]

The population of the southern, volcanic continent of Ahkome is almost fully non-Azlanti, who oversee geothermal power plants.[2]


While New Thespera technically lies under the direct control of the Star Imperators, most daily affairs are overseen by Duxillar Bhrevi Falcavian, governor of the planet.[2]