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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 243 days
Day length (PST) 13 hours
Inhabitants Nemenaris

Source: Near Space, pg(s). 90

Nemenar is an enigmatic planet covered in a blacklight filter that only allows ultraviolet light to reach the surface and was built by the native nemenaris as a result of a curse.[1]


Nemenar is the only astronomical object orbiting its primary, a brown dwarf. Its climate is relatively cold but tolerable for most species. With special gear, Nemenar can be surprisingly beautiful to behold.[1]


Nemenar's elected ruler bears the title cosmocrat, and spends their life communing with Nylessa, the deity who cursed them. Nylessa guides Nemenar's people from violence and catastrophe, and rewards them with prosperity and discoveries if they listen to her.[1]


Millennia before the Gap, the nemenaris were already a spacefaring civilisation. When exploring space, they found an asteroid orbiting the nearby star in a mathematically impossible way, and sent a crew to explore it. On the asteroid, the explorers found a shrine dedicated to an unknown deity, with a million-year-old statue and an offering bowl. They left one of their test tubes in the bowl and returned to Nemenar, only to find that the light of the sun was lighting every organic substance on the planet's surface with magical violet flames. Although harmless, these flames caused all living creatures to wallow in constant pain.[1]

Following Nylessa's command transmitted through the first cosmocrat, the nemenaris fled underground.[2] After studying the flames, nemenari scientists concluded that if Nemenar's surface or anything originating from it were to be exposed to their sun's light, the entire planet would burn. Refusing to give up their home to a malicious deity, the nemenaris built a filter that covers the entire world, allowing only ultraviolet light to get through.[1]


Over the years, Nemenar's native life, including the nemenaris, have adapted to ultraviolet light, as any exposure to the light of their sun causes them to burst into flames. Most nemenaris now live in prosperous, advanced underground cities. In recent years, Nemenar has become a tourist hub. In order to accommodate them, the nemenaris have built thousands of Prismatic Spires that project visible light around them. The settlements on the surface of Nemenar, most of which are designed for tourists and have no permanent residents, are painted in phosphorescent colours that react when hit by ultraviolet light.[1]