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Nejeor VI

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Nejeor VI
Type Planet
Diameter 12x
Mass 110x
Gravity 1 (at the cloud tops)x
Atmosphere Special
Year length (PST) 10 years
Day length (PST) 18 hours
System Nejeor system
Inhabitants Kish

Source: The Ruined Clouds, pg(s). 62

Nejeor VI is the sixth planet in the Nejeor system. A gas giant, it was originally colonised by the ancient kishalee and is now inhabited by their degenerate kish descendants.[1]


Large concentrations of precious metals can be found in the upper atmosphere of Nejeor VI. These metals can be easily ionised, creating frequent lightning storms. Under this atmosphere is an immense layer of liquid hydrogen, with the occasional large rubble chunks, and a metallic core, whose radiation heats up parts of the hydrogen ocean.[1]

Nejeor VI has three uncharted and unnamed moons. The smallest is subject to the gravity of both the planet itself and the other two moons, leading to an irregular orbit, and experiences extremely frequent orogeny due to constant friction on the surface. The largest moon is a ball of frozen methane with deep crevasses and the shadows of regular geometric shapes deep within the ice which give no signs of energy. The other moon is rocky and riddled with countless craters, the results of asteroids attracted by Nejeor VI's gravity and the moon's magnetic core; within these craters are an unknown blood-red ore.[1]


Nejeor VI was one of the planets colonised by the kishalee long before fire was discovered on Golarion. The kishalee built cities that floated in its atmosphere, the largest one being Istamak. During the war between the kishalee and the sivvs, the resources of Nejeor VI were vital in the kishalee war effort.[2]

When the kishalee empire crumbled, Nejeor VI was one of the first planets to be abandoned by the government. Many citizens fled closer to the empire's core, while those who remained were forced to fend for themselves, eventually evolving into the kish and becoming a preindustrial society. Many abandoned kishalee floating cities lie in overgrown ruins, but remain floating due to a combination of science and magic.[3]


The atmosphere of Nejeor VI is almost devoid of life due to their weather, although lightning elementals sometimes make visits which rarely last more than a day. Feral creatures like acrochors, sharpwings and eohis roam the city of Istamak, though most such creatures were originally brought to Nejeor VI as zoo attractions and escaped after the zoos were destroyed.[4][1]

Most of Nejeor VI's native life live in the liquid hydrogen layer, where translucent, six-armed cephalopods hunt bright pelagic sea anemones. Giant isopods with reflective exoskeletons, some of which have razor-sharp claws or psychotropic chemicals, live near the patches heated by radiation from the core. Nearer to the core, bioluminescent creatures adapted to extreme pressure live, while only microbes live on the core.[4][1]

In the floating city of Istamak, the kish live among the ruins of their ancestors' civilisation. They have forgotten much of their people's history, achievements and understanding of the scientific wonders they lived among.[3]