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From StarfinderWiki
Type Undead
CR 7+
Environment Any (Eox)
Images of necrovites

Source: Alien Archive, pg(s). 80-81

A necrovite is an undead spellcaster from the planet Eox who has stored his soul in a technomagical device called an electroencephalon.[1][2]


A necrovite resembles an emaciated corpse with glowing flames in its eye sockets.[1]


The ancient inhabitants of Eox, known as the elebrians, made war on their two neighboring planets in the distant past, destroying both in the process. The backlash of the attack destroyed all life on Eox, forcing its inhabitants to turn to necromancy to survive. They mixed the magical methods of becoming a lich with their own advanced technology and created the first necrovites. These necrovites, along with their fellow ex-elebrians who had achieved undeath via other means become the first of the bone sages, the new rulers of Eox.[2]

Becoming a necrovite

The process by which a living creature transforms herself into a necrovite is a long and arduous one, requiring years, if not decades, of study, experimentation, and the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of credits. The exact path is unique to each necrovite, and what might work for one could destroy another. The final link in the chain is the creation of the necrovite's electrencephalon, a vessel to hold her soul. Even though the oldest necrovites were once elebrians, the process is not restricted to that race.[2]

Abilities & equipment

Necrovites can rejuvenate their destroyed physical form in about a week as long as their electroencephalon has not been destroyed. They emit a fatiguing aura and can easily dominate most other undead creatures.[1]

Necrovites often carry a Eoxian wrackstaff, a hybrid weapon used by the ancient elebrian leaders to keep their populace in line.[2]