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From StarfinderWiki
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, plantlike)
CR 16
Environment Any (Abaddon)

Source: Empire of Bones, pg(s). 42

Naxikriot is a fungal fiend from Abaddon that travels the cosmos and infects victims with spores that compel them to spread the infection to more hosts, eventually reshaping the world to Abaddon's image.[1]


During what should have been its last conquest, a group of mystics survived the destruction of their civilisation at the hands of Naxikriot and tracked it down. They imprisoned it within a demiplane and used the last of their magic to catapult their world into its star, destroying themselves alongside all of Naxikriot's spores.[1]

For centuries, Naxikriot languished in its prison until the destruction of the Stellar Degenerator's demiplane tore into several other extraplanar spaces and released it from its confines.[1]


Naxikriot infects living creatures with spores that cause them to seek out more victims to infect. In large numbers, Naxikriot can bind the souls of the hosts into the land, using the quintessence to reshape the landscape in Abaddon's image. When the infection has grown to the point of self-sustainability, Naxikriot stows away or hijacks a starship to seek out another world to infect and destroy.[1]


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