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From StarfinderWiki
Titles Venture-captain
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Gnome (Bleachling)
Class Envoy
Gender Female
Organization Starfinder Society

Source: The First Mandate, pg(s). 6-7

Naiaj was one of the few Starfinder Society venture-captains to remain behind during the Scoured Stars incident, primarily due to her expertise in logistics.[1] She oversees larger operations and prominent missions from within the Lorespire Complex, and she is seen of something of a senior venture-captain compared to the many people recently promoted to the position.[1] Naiaj served as the Starfinder Society's ambassador when negotiating a shipment from the drow on Apostae.[2][3]


Naiaj can usually be found wearing carbon skin armor, with her datapad never out of sight and a wrist-based comm unit constantly blinking updates.[1] She wears her gleaming white hair cropped close, and despite her small size, she looks as if she could stare down a team of hardened vesk mercenaries.[1]