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From StarfinderWiki
Type Magical beast
CR 11
Environment Any (Chonax)

Source: Hive of Minds, pg(s). 57

Muneens are a species of ravens attuned to the divination and enchantment magic of Chonax.[1]


Muneens' magically-charged dark feathers emit coruscating colours. An adult muneen is 9 feet tall, weighs 280 pounds and has a wingspan of around 20 feet.[1]


Muneens form mating pairs that last a long time to raise young. An adult female lays one egg every year, and the parents care for the egg for 3 months before it hatches.[1]

Muneens are omnivorous but can also subsist on the magical energies emitted by Chonax's divination and enchantment loci. Juveniles absorb magic exclusively until they grow old enough to learn to hunt and forage. Muneens are almost prescient of their surroundings, and it is nearly impossible to surprise them.[1]


Muneens are intensely curious and fascinated of other creatures' thoughts and emotions. New arrivals to Chonax can expect them to be peaceful and inquisitive, and if treated well, they may form lasting relationships, even helping visitors drawing away hostile creatures. Muneens have long memories and teach others of their kind whom to treat as enemies.[1]