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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Treading History's Folly
Type Humanoid
Environment Kukanou-2b

Source: Treading History's Folly, pg(s). 5

The mentrasi are an extinct humanoid race who originated from the Scoured Stars and moved to Kukanou-2b, where they eventually went extinct.[1]


The mentrasi are lanky humanoids with rough skin ranging from dark grey to rust red. Some have brown, red or orange mottled patterns on their skin. They have four legs and two arms, with each arm ending in a four-fingered hand. Their four black eyes are arranged in a row.[2]


The mentrasi originated in Bastiar-2, where they lived a simple and happy agrarian life, but advancement was difficult due to the lack of a guiding hand. This eventually changed with the arrival of a starship from the heavens, carrying the four heralds of Kadrical, who became their patron deity. Under Kadrical's guidance, the mentrasi became a spacefaring civilisation and made contact with the other species in the Scoured Stars, fellow worshippers of Kadrical.[3]

The mentrasi's first attempt to explore beyond the Scoured Stars was foiled by the Godshield, a shifting veil of energy that deposited their starships back on the planet. They pleaded with Kadrical for help, but he was silent, his powers fully committed to maintaining the Godshield. Eventually, when the shield faltered, the mentrasi and the other residents of the Scoured Stars took the opportunity to escape and settle elsewhere in the galaxy.[3]

The mentrasi settled on Kukanou-2b, a world with similar conditions to their original home Bastiar-2. While they were thankful for Kadrical's teachings and protection, they vowed to never worship any deity again. Kadrical, wishing for their return, sent them a Tear, but the mentrasi were too busy coping with the environments of their new home and sealed it away near the surface.[3][4]

A seismic cataclysm eventually flooded all mentrasi cities with magma except Xaharee, whose engineers managed to use powerful force fields to hold back the lava until they cooled and hardened, but the city still took significant damage from quakes. The residents tried to magically bind themselves to the moon, but only successfully bound their souls. This marked the end of the mentrasi species, and their ghosts still haunt Kukanou-2b.[1]


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