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Type Planet
Diameter 1/6x
Mass 1/500x
Gravity 1/2x
Atmosphere Toxic
Year length (PST) 200 years
Day length (PST) 7 days

Source: Sangoro's Lament, pg(s). 3

Mazdrun is a hidden planet in the Vast covered in interplanar anomalies. It is the site of Sangoro's Bulwark, headquarters of the Exo-Guardians and one of the most fortified Starfinder Society sites outside of the Pact Worlds.[1]


Cold and rocky, Mazdrun is the sole planet orbiting a dim red star, surrounded by interplanar anomalies that vary from tale to tale. Volcanoes at the poles spew toxic gases from the core, and the surface is scoured by dust storms.[1]


In the distant past, a massive metal and stone fortress was built in a crater near Mazdrun's equator. For some reason, this crater has a non-toxic atmosphere and is safe from natural calamities.[1]

The Bulwark was discovered and given to the Starfinder Society by Sangoro, a vesk who subsequently founded the Exo-Guardians. The Eox-Guardians kept Mazdrun's location secret, thinking that the planar anomalies would make it impossible to locate, much less attack. Nevertheless, following the Society's crippling defeat in the Scoured Stars Incident, hostile creatures wiped out the Bulwark's defenders and overran the fortress. No distress signal or survivor reached Absalom Station, and no one else in the Society knew Mazdrun's location except for Guidance, who refused to reveal anything.[1][2]


Mazdrun's only native inhabitants are craggolks, a species of massive, subterranean, cannibalistic reptiles.[1]