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Titles Thousand Lights
World Akiton

Source: Pact Worlds, pg(s). 56
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Maro is the largest city located within the Edaio Rift, a great canyon that stretches for thousands of miles across the equator of Akiton.[1]


Maro was once called Thousand Lights, which is now seen as laughable when compared to the millions of lights from billboards, businesses and residences.[1]


Prior to the Gap, Maro's society was highly stratified before the thasteron boom, from which the city benefited greatly. This upward mobility broke down its long-established social identities and began a cycle of creative media that still persists. The newest trends are the shumka beats style and pigment-growling, leaving behind immense graffiti sprayed on the Edaio Rift's upper walls from hoverbikes.[1]

Maro is famous for both its fashion and nightlife and its gangs, formed by the ambitious and desperate souls attracted by its prosperity. Most gang wars in Maro do not extend above its deepest mile. Recruiters constantly visit the entire city, looking for new hotshots eager to join.[1]