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Type Moon
Orbits Bretheda
System Pact Worlds system
Inhabitants The seven-gendered maraquoi

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 457
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Marata, characterized by its arid forests, is the largest of Bretheda's dozens of moons.[1][2]


Marata's primary inhabitants are the seven-gendered furry maraquoi.[1] The maraquoi have made the leap from a paleolithic to spacefaring society in just a few generations, leading to anthropological debate as to whether the race's culture and fundamental right to develop at their own pace are being taken from them.[1] The majority of the maraquoi resent the potential of their access to the Pact Worlds system being restricted, however, and have begun a mass exodus from Marata out into the rest of the solar system.[1]

Marata and the Pact Worlds

Marata is considered to be a protectorate of the Pact Worlds. Most maraquoi seek to elevate it to the status of full member, except for a small minority of traditionalists and xenoarchaeologists who think that their culture is developing too fast and insist on more protections.[3]