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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Dawn of Flame Adventure Path
Home Prominence, Plane of Fire
Alignment Lawful evil

Source: Fire Starters, pg(s). 5
Type Outsider
(evil, extraplanar, fire, lawful)
CR 22
Environment Plane of Fire

Source: Assault on the Crucible, pg(s). 44

The Malikah is the daughter of the demigoddess Feronia and an efreeti noble, and half-sister of the empyreal lord Ragathiel. She has conquered an extensive empire on her native Plane of Fire, and seeks to make a name for herself beyond her home. To that end, she seeks to conquer the sun of the Pact Worlds system, expand her empire to the Material Plane, and raise herself to full divinity.[1]


The Malikah makes her home in an estate in the centre of Prominence, her empire's largest city. In recent decades, she has seized the Sakalayo Peak as hers, deporting or imprisoning the residents who refuse to swear fealty to her, in a move unsanctioned by the Dominion of Flame.[2][3]


The efreeti general Khaim is the Malikah's most trusted lieutenant and closest confidant, whom she entrusted with commanding the invasion of the Pact Worlds sun.[2][4]


Many prominent people on the Plane of Fire, including Sultana Ayasellah Mihelar Khalidlah VI and the elemental lords Ymeri and Atreia, view the Malikah as an upstart.[2]