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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 2x
Gravity 2x
Atmosphere Varies
Year length (PST) 169 days
Day length (PST) 13 hours
Orbits Pejor
Inhabitants Devils

Source: The Penumbra Protocol, pg(s). 62

Malfane is a volcanic planet, infested with devils, orbiting the star Pejor.[1]


Malfane is the smallest planet in its solar system. Due to its closeness to the star, Malfane is extremely hot, with temperatures ranging from 110° F to 200° F. It is crisscrossed with steaming seas, burning jungles, magma vents and ranges of volcanoes, whose lava flows form ever-changing glyphs in the Infernal language. The atmosphere is sooty but breathable near the poles, and get more and more toxic near the poles.[1]


Malfane was once inhabited by an advanced civilisation, who left behind ruins of cities, railways, roads and satellite debris around the planet. Very few of them are still alive today, as the planet has been overrun by devils and other creatures from Hell.[1]

Malfane is home to six major cities: two at the poles (Arazu and Gelmnor), four spread equidistant around the equator (Churlg, Llovach, Vax, Zarglon). Each is ruled by a devil holding the title 'Governor of Hell'. The devils living there work incessantly: raiding the ruins of Malfane to cybernetically augment other devils, summoning more devils, or building obscene pleasure domes and hospitals for mortals. These mortals have gained access to these amenities and a promise of good health and a long life for the price of a soul, but upon death, their soul belongs to Hell.[1]

Due to Malfane's isolation and relative obscurity, only a few thousand mortals live there, compared to the cities' capacity to support millions. The devils of Malfane operate a galaxy-wide marketing network consisting of mortals and disguised devils, advertising a 'new way of living' either orally or via visible storefronts.[1]

Visitors can land anywhere on Malfane, but safety is only guaranteed in the six cities, and only if the visitor obeys all laws. These laws are never explained in detail by the devils, and ignorance is not an acceptable excuse for violation.[1]


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