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Lao Shu Po

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Lao Shu Po
Holy symbol of Lao Shu Po
Titles Grandmother Rat
Adjective Laoite
Alignment Neutral evil
Portfolio Assassins
Worshipers Ysoki, assassins, smugglers, spies, thieves, Absalom Station, Akiton, the Diaspora
Connections Overlord
Favored Weapon Dagger

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 487
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The goddess Lao Shu Po, also known as Grandmother Rat, is the patron deity of ysoki, and the patron of assassins, rats, spies, and thieves. She teaches that the universe gives nothing for free and individuals should do whatever they can get away with and jealously hide it away, betrayals are ubiquitous and expected, and one should rely on no one but oneself.[1]


Legends tell that Lao Shu Po started her existence as a normal rat who gained divinity by gnawing on the body of a dead god Click this link to see if this article exists on PathfinderWiki.. While first she was a goddess of darkness, she eventually turned to those who conduct their business under the cover of darkness.[1]


Lao Shu Po prefers that her followers work from the shadows, whether its the knife in the back, the starship power core rigged to explode, or the poison in the cup. She also teaches that they should keep their eyes and ears open, in case they can learn something that they can later turn to their advantage.[1]


Lao Shu Po is worshipped by criminals concealing their business from the authorities under the cover of darkness. She is also viewed as a patron of the ysoki, who mostly worship her to placate her and rarely embrace her ideals. Nevertheless, a large number of Lao Shu Po's priests, who call themselves her 'grandchildren', are ysoki. Few temples to her exist, all unassuming, small and often hidden from sight. Cults of Lao Shu Po are banned in many societies, while some others, including some very upstanding governments, appreciate the skills of her cultists as spies and assassins, and sometimes they can even operate openly. Lao Shu Po allows her followers to remain loyal to their employers as long as their ends are served, but trusting them is always foolish.[1]

Unholy symbol

Lao Shu Po's unholy symbol is an emaciated rat curled in on itself.[1]