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A kiirinta.
Type Fey
CR By class level
Environment Stabrisis-14

Source: Sangoro's Gifts, pg(s). 20

Kiirintas are a species of small, nomadic, technologically-primitive fey from Stabrisis-14, a planet heavily influenced by the First World.[1]


Kiriintas resemble moths, with bright wings and three finger-like appendages on their front two legs to manipulate objects. Their back legs have jagged claws, and they can stand up on their hind legs. A pair of feathery antennae is located above their black compound eyes.[1]


Kiirinta legends tell of their migration to Stabrisis-14 from the First World long ago, but the exact details have long been forgotten, and there is no currently active portal. Kiirintas live in small nomadic tribes that each possess multiple settlements and move between them depending on the seasonand their moods.[1]


Kiirintas usually work well with others, and display extravagant bravado to both their own kind and others. They enjoy storytelling and often weave fictional stories about themselves to make themselves more impressive, without any sense of malice.[1]

Kiirintas have had little contact with outsiders and have only begun to see the galaxy outside. Kiirinta adventurers treasure new experiences and companions, and seek to learn and help their group as much as they can.[1]

Kiirinta names usually have the ii sound or hard, sharp consonants that can be screeched when stressed.[1]


Kiirintas venerate a pantheon of nature deities.[1]