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Type Planet
Diameter 1x
Mass 1x
Gravity 1x
Atmosphere Normal
Year length (PST) 2 years
Day length (PST) 48 hours

Source: The Diaspora Strain, pg(s). 62

Kax is a lush, haunted planet reachable only via Drift travel.[1]


Kax is the only planet in its solar system, and the only celestial bodies visible from Kax or the surrounding area are itself and its sun. Hypotheses point the cause of this to be a nebula that blocks off light, but the concealment is too complete. As a result, its exact location is a complete mystery, and it's unknown if Kax is even in the same galaxy as the Pact Worlds system at all. The only way to reach Kax is by Drift travel.[1]

Kax is covered in thousands of archipelagos, among which there are several large islands but no real continent. Its climate is temperate, with ice caps near the poles and a large tropic. Kax's fruits and vegetables are edible and delicious to most Pact Worlds species.[1]


Kax was discovered decades after the advent of Drift travel. Many researchers and settlers quickly arrived on the world, but every single starship or settlement eventually sent distress calls before being found with everyone dead or missing, if they were even found at all. The most famous case was the discovery of an AbadarCorp colony whose possessions were still intact, with no sign of the 2000 residents. No attempt to explain what has exactly happened has been successful, so in recent years travel to Kax has greatly diminished.[1]


Most of Kax's flora and fauna are huge, nocturnal predators and dinosaurs. It's hypothesised that the planet is a base of the Corpse Fleet or the Unseen; haunted by long-dead alien ghosts; connected to the First World through spots where angry fey come to abduct those that despoil the planet; or a demiplane that periodically ejects all non-native intelligent creatures into space.[1]