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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Year of Scoured Stars
Kadrical's holy symbol.
Titles The Covetous Protector
Alignment Lawful neutral
Portfolio Collections
Worshipers Scoured Stars
Connections Mindbreaker
Star shaman
Symbol Gold prism on a black field

Source: Fate of the Scoured God, pg(s). Chronicle sheet

Kadrical is a greedy sleeping deity formerly worshipped in the Scoured Stars.[1]


Kadrical, an overprotective patron, isolated the Scoured Stars and his followers from the rest of the universe with a golden barrier known as the Godshield, which he maintained with all of his power despite his worshippers' pleas to explore the stars. At one point, the shield faltered, and the residents of the Scoured Stars wasted no time in building starships to escape and settle elsewhere in the galaxy. Kadrical wanted them to return, so he sent eight Tears, one per group that departed the Scoured Stars, to serve as their beacons and keys back home.[2][3]


Kadrical is served by four heralds: the Master of Conquest, Master of Preservation, Master Archivist, and Master of Nomenclature. They were sent by Kadrical to search for and bring his worshippers back to the Scoured Stars after their escape. Two of them are known by name (Dhurus and Ailuros), and Dhurus has since betrayed its god.[2][4]