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Jenny Jarzabski

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Jenny Jarzabski
Homepage The Southern Jezebelle
Hometown Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Position Organized play developer (2020)
Starfinder Society Developer (2020–2021)
Organized Play Line Developer (2021–)
Company Paizo Inc.
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Jenny Jarzabski is an organized play developer for Paizo Inc., as well as a freelance writer and game designer. Her credits include work for Paizo Inc., Kobold Press, Rogue Genius Games, and Playground Adventures.

Starfinder Credits

Adventure Credits

Title Date Notes
Solar Sortie, TheThe Solar Sortie 1712 December 2017 SFS #01-07
The Penumbra Protocol 1812 December 2018 Signal of Screams #2. Also wrote "Starship: Antumbra Overseer," "Cuvacara," and contributed to the Alien Archives for the volume.
Honorbound Emissaries 1812 December 2018 SFS #01-29
Pact World Warriors 1906 June 2019 SFS 302-01
Cost of Living 2002 February 2020 SFS #02-17
Alien Archives 26"Alien Archives" #26 2003 March 2020 Flight of the Sleepers, 54.
Last Bite, TheThe Last Bite 2006 June 2020 SFS #03-00. Convention special.
Waking the Worldseed 2008 August 2020 The Devastation Ark #1. Also contributed to the Alien Archives for the volume.
Year of the Data Scourge (scenario) 2105 May 2021 SFS #04-01
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Sourcebook Credits

Title Date Notes
Alien Archive 3 1908 August 2019
Character Operations Manual 1911 November 2019
Near Space (sourcebook) 2003 March 2020
Alien Archive 4 2012 December 2020
See also: Category:Works by Jenny Jarzabski

Fiction Credits

Title Date Notes
Ruins in the Ice"Ruins in the Ice" 2002 February 2020 The Devastation Ark, tie-in fiction. Link
Guidance's Request"Guidance's Request" 2105 May 2021 Year of the Data Scourge, Starfinder Society tie-in fiction. Link
Live Audition Extreme!"Live Audition Extreme!" 2106 June 2021 Tales from the Drift. Link
See also: Category:Works by Jenny Jarzabski