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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild scenarios about the Scoured Stars Incident, particularly The Scoured Stars Invasion
Titles First Seeker
Alignment Lawful neutral
Race/Species Kasatha
Class Solarian
Gender Male
Organization Starfinder Society

Source: Paizo Blog, Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide

Jadnura was the previous First Seeker of the Starfinder Society. He was trapped during the Scoured Stars incident[1][2] but eventually rescued in a Society-led mission launched by his successor.[3]


Early Starfinder career

Once a solarian of the Pradulex Monastery on the Idari, Jadnura's ambitious personal quest to take advantage of his talents inspired him to join the Starfinder Society. He trained alongside Fitch and Naiaj at the Lorespire Complex to become an agent, then specialized in hazardous far-flung exploration missions.[4]

Scoured Stars incident

A charming and ambitious kasathan, Jadnura was elected to the position of First Seeker in 316 AG based largely on his reputation for being able to balance the interests of the various power factions within the Starfinder Society. One of his major objectives for the Society was the exploration of a region of space known as the Scoured Stars, possible in part due to his discovery of a mysterious artifact known as the Tear on Kukanou-2b.[4][2][3][5]

However, the mission soon turned to disaster when the Society lost contact with Jadnura—and the nearly 80% of the Society's assets and agents devoted to his mission—and a shield of aurum energy prevented communication and entry to the systems. This event became known as the "Scoured Stars incident".[2][3]

A few months into 318 AG, a mission led by his successor as First Seeker, Luwazi Elsebo, rescued him and other Starfinders trapped in the Scoured Stars.[3]

Reputation as First Seeker

Jadnura is known for taking a more aggressive stance toward exploration than Elsebo, particularly around the Scoured Stars, and several Starfinders continue to support him and his philosophy over Elsebo.[6]

As a leader, Jadnura is known for inspiring thorough preparation so that his agents are rarely unprepared for any situation,[7] and for forming strong relationships and encouraging the growth and development of others both within and outside of the Society.[8] He also has a reputation for meticulously examining field agents' reports.[9]