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The subject of this article exists in or is relevant to the real world.

Articles featured in Starfinder Adventure Path issues 1-16. Please add articles from missing issues if you can.

Geography and locations

Article Author Volume
Absalom Station Sutter, James L. James L. Sutter 001 SF1 (38)
Alien Worlds and Cultures Kallio, Mikko Mikko Kallio, Jason Keeley, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, and Mark Moreland 005 SF5 (42)
Asanatown Tondro, Jason Jason Tondro 013 SF13 (38)
Astevint Codex of Worlds: Astevint Lundeen, Ron Ron Lundeen 016 SF16 (61)
Barrow Codex of Worlds: Barrow Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 003 SF3 (61)
Castrovel Compton, John John Compton and James L. Sutter 002 SF2 (36)
Cuvacara Jarzabski, Jenny Jenny Jarzabski 011 SF11 (38)
Drift The Drift and Alluvion Pasini, Joe Joe Pasini 004 SF4 (46)
Elao Codex of Worlds: Elao Bauer, Judy Judy Bauer 015 SF15 (62)
Eox Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 003 SF3 (36)
Heicoron IV Codex of Worlds: Heicoron IV McCreary, Rob Rob McCreary 001 SF1 (62)
Istamak Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 004 SF4 (38)
Kax Codex of Worlds: Kax Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 010 SF10 (62)
Malfane Codex of Worlds: Malfane Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 011 SF11 (62)
Nakondis Codex of Worlds: Nakondis Lundeen, Ron Ron Lundeen 007 SF7 (62)
Nakondis Colony Lundeen, Ron Ron Lundeen 007 SF7 (38)
Nejeor VI Codex of Worlds: Nejeor VI Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 004 SF4 (62)
New Thespera Codex of Worlds: New Thespera Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 009 SF9 (62)
Nodethe Codex of Worlds: Nodethe Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 012 SF12 (62)
Noma Pasini, Joe Joe Pasini 015 SF15 (36)
Outpost Zed Codex of Worlds: Outpost Zed Ferron, Eleanor Eleanor Ferron 008 SF8 (62)
Ratheren Codex of Worlds: Ratheren Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 002 SF2 (62)
Shadow Plane The Shadow Plane Hillman, Thurston Thurston Hillman 012 SF12 (44)
Shimrinsara Codex of Worlds: Shimrinsara Wilhelm, Larry Larry Wilhelm 006 SF6 (62)
Touring the Archipelago Baker, Kate Kate Baker 014 SF14 (46)
Urrakar Codex of Worlds: Urrakar Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 005 SF5 (62)
Zeres Codex of Worlds: Zeres Pellazar, Lacy Lacy Pellazar 013 SF13 (62)

Races and ethnicities

Article Author Volume
Citizens of the Star Empire Ansari, Saif Saif Ansari 008 SF8 (46)

Monster ecologies

Article Author Volume
Velstrac Fiends of Shadow (Velstrac) Lee, Isabelle Isabelle Lee 011 SF11 (46)

NPCs and villains

Article Author Volume
Azlanti Star Empire Empire of the Aeon Throne McCreary, Rob Rob McCreary, with Jason Keeley and Lyz Liddell 008 SF8 (38)
Corpse Fleet The Corpse Fleet Hillman, Thurston Thurston Hillman 003 SF3 (44)
Criminal Organizations of the Galaxy Pellazar, Lacy Lacy Pellazar 015 SF15 (46)
Cult of the Devourer The Cult of the Devourer Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 002 SF2 (46)
Cults of the Galaxy Liddell, Lyz Lyz Liddell 016 SF16 (38)
Merchants of the Brass Bazaar Ng, Adrian Adrian Ng 014 SF14 (38)
Sarenrae The Church of Sarenrae Brennan, Patrick Patrick Brennan 013 SF13 (46)
Stewards The Stewards Liddell, Lyz Lyz Liddell 009 SF9 (46)

Historical knowledge

Article Author Volume
Relics of Golarion Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 001 SF1 (50)
Relics of the Kishalee Radney-MacFarland, Stephen Stephen Radney-MacFarland 005 SF5 (38)

Gameplay help and tools

Article Author Volume
Continuing the Campaign: Beyond Against the Aeon Throne Barnett, Tracy Tracy Barnett 009 SF9 (40)
Continuing the Campaign: Beyond Dead Suns Compton, John John Compton 006 SF6 (38)
Continuing the Campaign: Beyond Signal of Screams Barnett, Tracy Tracy Barnett 012 SF12 (38)
Corrupted by Shadows Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 010 SF10 (40)
Horror Campaigns Ravachol, Epidiah Epidiah Ravachol 010 SF10 (46)
Ships of the Corpse Fleet Keeley, Jason Jason Keeley 006 SF6 (48)
Ships of the Line Stephens, Owen K.C. Owen K.C. Stephens 006 SF6 (44)
Ships of the Star Empire Liddell, Lyz Lyz Liddell 007 SF7 (46)
Strange Gear Glass, Leo Leo Glass 016 SF16 (46)