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Immortal (starship)

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Class Cruiser
Manufacturer ATech
Armament Particle beam cannon, Plasma cannons (2), Plasma torpedo launcher
Power Core Nova Ultra
Drift Engine Signal Basic
Tier 10
Officers 1 engineer
3 gunners
1 pilot
1 science officer
Crew 60 (20 engineers, 30 gunners, 3 pilots)
Images of Immortals

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 311

The ATech Immortal model of starship is a heavily armed and armored cruiser and staple capital ship in military fleets throughout the Pact Worlds. It is deployed by the Stewards and the Knights of Golarion. Its reputation is such that conflicts in the Pact Worlds system can be defused simply by the appearance of an Immortal.[1]