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Holy symbol of Ibra.
Titles The Inscrutable
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Celestial bodies
Mysteries of the universe
Worshipers Astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists, mathematicians, interstellar explorers, Idari, Liavara, Verces
Connections Star shaman
Symbol A circle and arrow containing a constellation
Images of Ibra

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 486

Ibra, the Inscrutable, is the formless, inscrutable deity of the universe's infinite, distant cosmological mysteries. Ibra's origins and properties are unknown, not even the nature of the first races to worship it, and some theorize that Ibra itself is a manifestation of the cosmos. Its followers worship through appreciation of the cosmos, and disregard all notions of moral alignment in place of simple questions about the patterns and properties of celestial bodies — questions Ibra's followers must simply ask, as the answers themselves are immaterial.[1]


Ibra is worshipped as a patron by astronomers, astrophysicists, cosmologists, mathematicians and explorers, and its priesthood consists of many solarians and mystics. Its temples are usually built in outer space and always come with an observatory (some of which are exposed to the vacuum) where one could study the cosmos and record observations and hypotheses. Ibra's oldest temples have always been found on uninhabited celestial bodies like Chamari.[1]

Ibra's holy symbol is as inscrutable as Ibra itself. The golden shape is usually assumed to be an eye, a compass or a planet, and the arrow represents the faithful's journey into the unknown. The constellation within it is unrecognisable from any world, and its significance is unknown. Some Ibrans dedicate their lives to finding the world matching the viewpoint; according to a popular rumour, the symbol is only visible from Golarion and is the key to finding it.[1]