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Hylax's holy symbol.
Titles The Forever Queen
Home Nchak (mortal form)
Alignment Lawful good
Portfolio Diplomacy
First contact
Worshipers Shirrens, Haan, Absalom Station, Castrovel (formians), Nchak, Verces
Connections Empath
Hive mind
Symbol Shirren head crowned with stars
Images of Hylax

Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 486
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Hylax, also known as the Forever Queen, is a deity of peace and diplomacy paradoxically valuing individuality while being primarily worshiped by hive-minded creatures.[1]


According to shirren legend, Hylax was once a kucharn queen of godlike power who benevolently ruled her people with a gentle touch. She refused to directly issue commandments, concerned that doing so would stifle the growth and individuality of the kucharn species. When some kucharn wished to be one with their divine queen and were refused, they fused their minds together, giving birth to the Swarm. Hylax refused to intervene, knowing that demanding obedience could not save her children from conformity, and on the hope that the Swarm would see the error of its ways and return to her. Hylax turned to other insectile species, but never forgot the kucharn, and her hopes were eventually fulfilled by the shirrens who broke from the Swarm and returned to her congregation.[1][2]


The Forever Halls on Nchak is the home of Hylax's living incarnation, as well as the centre of her faith in the Pact Worlds. Adherents come from far and wide to attend the Forever Queen's church services.[2]


Hylax favors peace and friendship over war and hostility, and teaches diplomacy, fellowship, and harmony to her followers when dealing with others. However, her imperative extends only to the attempt to make peace at any cost — should that fail, she does not begrudge combat to defend those who value peace against threats that reject it.[1]


Hylax is friendly with most good deities, particularly Sarenrae (due to their love of finding common ground) and seeks to maintain good relations with others. Since she is the patron of hive minds and advocate of collective action, Hylax works well with Abadar. Iomedae sees her as too reluctant to confront the Swarm or too tolerant of Zon-Kuthon: indeed, she cares little about opposing him and his followers, even after they went past the boundary of sanity.[2]

Hylax and Oras have a tentative friendship driven by curiosity and interest in evolution. Oras considers some Hylaxians, who create their own castes or evolve themselves, as natural followers. Hylax often consults Oras on the nature of mutations, but Oras has yet to reveal the truth behind how the shirrens broke away from the Swarm.[2]

Damoritosh and some of his high priests grudgingly respect Hylax, having seen and faced the ferocity that Hylaxians can display when protecting their friends. Hylax cordially treats Damoritosh when they share the same goal, but does not approve of his dogma or actions.[2]

The Devourer is the only deity whom Hylax has no interest at befriending, since it is impossible to reason with an embodiment of nihilism. Individual Devourer worshippers can be saved, but Hylaxians believe that it is better to prevent people from turning to the Devourer at the first place.[2]