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Starfinder Adventure Path #21:
Author(s) Lyz Liddell et al.
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $22.99
PDF: $15.99
Released October 16, 2019
Type Adventure Path issue
Binding Paperback
Pages 64 pages
ISBN ISBN 978-1-64078-163-4
Rules set SFRPG
Series Starfinder Adventure Path #21
Attack of the Swarm! 3 of 6
Follows The Last Refuge
Precedes The Forever Reliquary
Artwork from Huskworld

Huskworld, a Starfinder Roleplaying Game adventure written by Lyz Liddell, with supporting articles by Lyz Liddell, Landon Winkler, Isabelle Thorne, Kevin Bryan, and Rob McCreary, was released on October 16, 2019. It is the third adventure in the Attack of the Swarm! Starfinder Adventure Path.

Fear of a Bug PlanetHoping to find a way to fight back against the Swarm, the heroes travel to a distant world already consumed by the deadly invaders. They soon discover they aren't alone in their struggles when they meet a handful of resistance fighters on the ravaged planet. With the group's help, the heroes strike against a massive Swarm creature that is draining the world's resources dry, then infiltrate an infested university to search for a dead professor's research. What they find could lead to a mythical holy site of the insect goddess Hylax and the secret to defeating the Swarm once and for all!

This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues the Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path and includes:

  • “Huskworld,” a Starfinder adventure for 5th-level characters, by Lyz Liddell.
  • A survey of the devastated Chuuva system, including a handful of relics still found among the ruins, by Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler.
  • A look at civilizations that have survived attacks from the Swarm, by Isabelle Thorne.
  • An archive of alien creatures, including an ooze adapted to the harshest environmental conditions and several new Swarm creatures, by Kevin Bryan, Lyz Liddell, Robert G. McCreary, and Landon Winkler.
  • Statistics and deck plans for a defensive carrier, by Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler, plus a glimpse at a gas giant with a dangerous secret hidden at its core, by Kevin Bryan.


Huskworld by Lyz Liddell (2)

Relics of Chuuva by Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler (38)

Survivors of the Swarm by Isabelle Thorne (46)

Alien Archives by Kevin Bryan, Lyz Liddell, Robert G. McCreary, and Landon Winkler]] (54)

Codex of Worlds: Vharrine by Kevin Bryan (62)

Next Month (63)

Starship: SDF D-127 Defensive Carrier by Lyz Liddell and Landon Winkler (inside front cover)

Adventure overview

  • 5th
  • Location(s)
  • Ilemchuuva